What to Do About Scarring on the Sides on my Nose After Lip Lift?

I had a lip lift in March of 2011. The surgeon said that he was going to make a small incision under the nose. He cut under the nose and, without my knowledge, on the sides of my nostrils as well. A year later, my nostrils are uneven and the scar on the left nostril is still slightly open (gapped) while the right side has a small bump that has yet to go down. Also, there is a line crease under my nose, when I smile. My question: Is there any way to correct these problems?

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Subnasal lip lift scar revision

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Subnasal lip lift scars must be carefully placed and executed to avoid an unnatural result. The two reasons a lip scar looks unacceptable is either because it has widened and if it is not placed in a wvay pattern that matches the sill-columellar curve. Scar revision may offer improvement by both narrowing it and changing it from a straight line under the nose.  

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