Risk of Disfigurement After Chin Implant Removal?

Chin implant removed 4.5 months after surgery. Two rounds of cortisol. Very severe tightness. Have a lot of swelling/pain right now. Will it go back to normal, will scarring continue, and since only 4.5 months, and will I have risk of disfigurement?

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Disfigurement after chin implant removal

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I am surprised that you’re having so many problems at 4 ½ months after a chin implant removal. Under normal circumstances, patients are usually feeling back to normal within two weeks after the implant removal surgery. There may be a slight amount of fibrosis and contraction due to the two surgeries done to put it in and have it taken out. This should continue to go back to normal, but slowly, and there should not be any permanent disfigurement.


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The question is why the chin implant was removed. If it was infection, then there would be lots of scarring. The ultimate results are unknown.

Stop using steroids, which cause loss of fat and more deformity.

If you are continuing to have problems you could have subclinical infection.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Risk of disfigurement after chin implant removal

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Can not answer expertly without a better history and photos. If concerned get a second opinion. Otherwise healing time will answer your question.

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