How Often Does Scarring Result After a Tripple D to C Breast Reduction?

Does the amount of reduction relate to scaring on the breast at all?

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Breast reduction and scars

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The size of the breast reduction may relate to the overall scar depending on the type of pattern or technique used by the surgeon. A wise pattern or anchor incision will leave the same type of scar regardless of the breast size being reduced. A vertical pattern (lollipop incision) may be extended to a slight J or L shape depending on the amount of the breast tissue removed. I recommend consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon for more specific information as it relates to your particular breast size and shape.

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Scarring after Breast reduction surgery.

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The length of scarring after surgery depends on the technique utilized.  The size of the breast is not a limiting factor. Your natural healing abilities determines the amount of scarring.  Surgical technique and suture choice also contributes to the overall result.

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How Often Does Scarring Result After a Tripple D to C Breast Reduction?

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Most scar formation is related to your genetics and minor environmental effects. Best to discuss in detail with your surgeon. 

Scarring after breast reduction

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Any surgical incision produces scarring, and all breast reductions are associated with scars.  Usually the presence and/or length of the inframammary scar (the one in the crease) is changed somewhat depending on how much tissue is removed.  The larger the reduction, the longer that scar may be.  That being said, usually the scars heal very well and patients are quite happy with the new shape and size! 

Scarring after Breast Reduction

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There will certainly be scarring after breast reduction surgery.  This will usually involve a scar around the areola and a vertical scar just blow this. It may also involve a scar in the breast crease.  Many women who have this surgery, find the scars are very acceptable and worth the benefits of symptom reduction with less back, neck and shoulder pain and an overall improved quality of life.  As plastic surgeons, scars are still created, but made as inconspicuous as possible. 

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Breast reduction scars

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There is always a scar when the skin is breached. All breast reduction surgery will produce a scar. The scar should heal nicely. The different approaches used for the procedure are based on the nipple heights and nipple-to-inframammary crease distances to produce the best result. There is always a tradeoff between having scars which should ultimately fade over time and the neck, shoulder and back pain associated with macromastia.

How often does scarring happen after breast reduction?

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Scarring after breast reduction is 100%. The more important question is what kind of scarring can you expect? This is technique dependent, genetically determined. I use a short scar technique using a periareolar and vertical scar. These scars usually heal very nicely. The most common technique is the anchor scar which also places a long scar in the breast crease that can end up in the cleavage and the lateral chest wall. This is the scar that if the incision is closed under too much tension will become wide, raised and red. There's also a scarless breast reduction using liposuction only. As plastic surgeons, we do not prefer this technique due to the deflated end result, minimal nipple/areolar elevation and cannot be done in young women with dense breast tissue.

All breast reductions involve scars

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100% of reductions result in scars.  Most are very acceptable given the benefits of the surgery and if you go to a surgeon who is a great sculptor, the shape trade-off for the scars will be very worthwhile.

Scarring after Breast Reduction?

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Thank you for the question.

Scarring  occurs after every breast reduction procedure. It is not related to the amount of breast tissue removed (or the change in breast cup size).

Nevertheless, breast reduction surgery remains one of the most patient pleasing operations be performed. Patients who undergo this procedure  generally appreciate the relief of symptoms (neck, back, shoulder discomfort) and improvement in posture etc.  that  they experience  after the procedure. The downside of the procedure of course are the scars.

I hope this helps.

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