Scarring from Removal of 3cm Lipoma?

I have a 3cm Lipoma on left area of my forehehead. What are the results of having it removed? How big would the scar be from surgery, if I have it removed?

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Forehead lipomas and planning incisions

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Lipoma removal can be performed on an outpatient basis using small incisions that can minimize scarring. I would recommend a linear incision that is parallel to a wrinkle line or fold to minimize scarring. Surgery90210

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Forehead lipoma

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Dr. Rand gave you all the options.

In my experience, most of these lipomas are submuscular.

Direct excision with scar near the hailine or on top of the lipoma is the most direct way, with minimal risk.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Scars from forehead lipoma removal

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The scar from removing a forehead lipoma should be acceptable if done by a plastic surgeon. Either an incision going horizontally directly over the lipoma in a forehead wrinkle, or an incision along the hairline, or even an endoscopic approach from behind the hairline can be employed with a nice outcome. It depends on where the lipoma is located which would be best.

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