How Bad is the Scarring from Mole Removal on Chin?

He was going to remove the mole then suture the incision close? Will there be scarring?

I had a large mushroom mole on my chest shaved off and then carterized and since it was on the top of where my chest and breast met the weight from my breast has made the scar appear hypertrophic. Could that happen to my face?

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Mole removal

Whenever there is a mole that is removed with complete surgical excision, there will always be a scar in its place.  The goal is to make the scar look as good as it possibly can. 

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Scar Removal on Chin

Scar removal on the chin should follow Langer's lines and the anatomic subunits of the lip and chin area. It is preferable, if at all possible, to follow natural wrinkle folds to acheive a natural looking scar.

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
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