Scarring from Fraxel...can You Predict This? (photo)

I'd like to have my face done to get rid of large pores, mild acne scars, & wrinkles. I'm almost 50, fair, blond, blue eyed, form hypertrophic surgical scars, keloid scars from chicken pox lesions, & telangectasias with trauma/sun damage. I do have adult acne, oily skin, and use Retin A. Does any of this increase my risk for scars from Fraxel? Is there a certain type of Fraxel or settings that reduce the risk of scars? Thank you.

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Risk of Scarring with Fraxel in a Scar Prone Patient

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Scarring is a theoretical risk of any laser treatment if there is a healing problem.  The liklihood of scarring varies tremendously depending on the treatment and settings used.  A patient who forms hypertrophic scars is more likely to scar after a laser treatment like Fraxel but fractionated laser treatments have an extremely low risk of scarring to start with.  An experienced laser physician can select settings and treatments in consultation with you to allow you to be treated without a worrisome risk.

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