Scarring from Fraxel Restore?

I have had 3 Fraxel Restore treatments, and so far, there's ony very little improvement. What is scary is, that near my mouth I've developed little masses/bundles underneath my skin that gives me a wavy look. My doctor is saying that it's scar tissue and will go away with Fraxel, but I think it was caused BY Fraxel! But she said that if that were the case, then it should have happened elsewhere also, as I had my whole face done. I feel these masses are growing; they're not round, but oval, elongated-type, a bit irregular. What is this and what could have caused this? Is this fibrosis? Will it spread? I'm about to get married, and I really need help!

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Need to compare your pictures

I have been doing fractional non-ablative resurfacing with two types of technology (one is Fraxel) for several years, and I have never seen what you are describing. To answer, I'd want to know the settings, your skin type, why being treated, etc. Real Self is great, but not when you need very individualized advice. I'd get a second opinion form an experienced Fraxel user near you.

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Subcutaneous Bumps Arond the Mouth After Fraxel restore

Hi Maliha,

Congratulations on your upcoming marriage! I have not seen or heard of your side effect from Fraxel restore. It is difficult to determine what might be going on without examining you or seeing photographs. It sounds as if the area should be avoided if you are planning more treatments in your series before the wedding. Discuss with your treating physician the possibility of using fillers to blend the area.

The other possible treatment would be very small doses of Kenalog injections, but one has to be very careful as there is the possibility of causing atrophy (dents) of the skin and soft tissue in the areas of injection.

Good luck and please keep us informed of how you are doing.

Dr. P

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