What Can I Do for Scarring Under Lower Eyelid Due to Laser Resurfacing?

Hello I am 41 years old had laser resurfacing a year ago. I had Active FX. It made my eyes look lumpy, darker and more sunk there is also a white line and scars I live in Santa Cruz, I will travel if you know of any doctor with extensive scarring and laser experience. I am currently putting silicone scar patch under my eyes for the past week. Is there a surgery to remove the scarring under eyes? I have pics if you want to see. THank you :)

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Scarring Under Lower Eyelid Due to Laser Resurfacing?

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Thank you for your question. Scarring is very uncommon under the eyes, and most problems appearing as scars are just pigment irregularities. You are doing the correct thing and silicone tape is excellent.  After 6-8 weeks of that I would recommend V-Beam if you have any raised scars or red scar tissue with a ridge. If the area is smooth, then I would leave it alone and let repigmentation occur gradually. Sunscreen is a must. I hope this helps!

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