Scarring After Tip Plasty? (photo)

I am an Asian, with bulbous tip and thick skin. I underwent alar and tip plasty last Septemper 25, 2012. I have a mass on my right nostril. I went to my doctor last month and he told that it is due to scarring. He injected an steroid on my nose, until now that mass on my nostril is still there. Should I need another injection? How soon can I have a revision? I am not satisfied cause my nose is still big specially on the tip on my nose. My nose was far better 1-2 months post op. Now its bigger.

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Timing of scar revision after rhinoplasty.

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If your scar were the only issue, since your steroid injection treatment hasn't done much, I don't see a benefit of continuing steroid injection or delaying a possible revision procedure.

However, since you still are not satisfied with your tip aesthetics, I would recommend you to wait 6 more months until the tip swelling has been completely resolved. This approach would allow you to revise both the tip and the scar at the same time in case your tip needs to be revised.

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Scarring after tip rhinoplasty

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Monthly injections of high concentration of steroid for 3 months would try to prevent the need for further surgery. I cannot tell from photos whether there is a corresponding lump on the outside.

Revision surgery might be necessary, but I would wait close to 1 year post op


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Scarring After Tip Plasty?

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Appears as a scar that need revision based on the posted photos. Ask for revision under local now. Good luck 

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