Scarring After Rhynoplasty, What is That Lumpy Scaring?

Hi, 3 weeks post operative open rhynoplasty and lumpy scarring in nostrels that can be seen. Will this settle after time? I had to get 1 disolable stitch snipped as it was irritating my nose and was not disolving. Also septum looks squint due to the left nostril being so swollen and lumpy... Thank you for reading!

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Lumps and scars 3 weeks post-op rhinoplasty

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What you are seeing can be milia.  This is a white pearly bump that develops because the superficial layer of skin  can get trapped beneath the deeper layers.  The superficial layer of skin "sheds" pearly white material. Since the superficial layer is now trapped deep, an infrequent but normal consequence of placing sutures, the deeper placed skin continues to shed and it forms a "pearl" beneath the skin.  Another possibility is that there is another stitch that needs to be removed.  Best to have your surgeon take a look. 

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