Scars After Plastic Surgery: What Can I Do to Lessen Them?

Hello, I had surgery a little more than a year ago, ie, lip reduction, eye and nose surgery. After all that time all the scars are still visible (though not alarmingly). The lip scars still feel a bit tense and when I open wide I feel they're about to crack. When I close my eyes or open them wide, I see a reddish or whitish line (depending on place). And it feels hard (there's a bump actually) where the surgeon incised my nose. Is it going to get better? If not, is there something I can do? Thx

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Post op scars

Scar is the histopathologic term for your healing wounds and therefore will never disappear completly. Good scars are thin color matching but, also must be located in hard to see places. Scar maturation is a 12-18 month affair You could try some of the scar fader products but, time is your best friend

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There are a number of options.

The first thing might be to return to your original surgeon and let them know about your concerns.  Scar revision might be needed with means a surgery.  Alternative treatments can include the judicious use of corticosteroids or 5FU injected into the scar to help flat it.

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