Still Scarred 5 Weeks After Under Eye Chemical Peel, Skin Looks Plastic

I researched plastic surgeons and found one in NYC that specializes in faces, I had an under eye chemical peel almost six weeks ago. The PS told me i would heel in 5 days. six weeks later i have severe purple discoloration under my eyes and the skin is bumpy and looks shiny like plastic. I am very concerned, but the PS keeps telling me it will heel. He gave my elecon cream but it hasnt improved at all, in fact it looks like its getting worse, should i get another opinion?

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Purple discoloration after a chemical peel

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From your description, it is difficult to understand why a peel would cause purple discoloration. This is generally caused by bleeding which should not occur with the chemical peel. You may want to get a second opinion but in any event, it is unlikely that any intervention would be advised other than the topical steroids that have already been described.

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