I Scarred Myself Doing an at Home TCA Peel, What Can I Do?

I did at home 8% TCA peel that I had had good results with the 2 other times I used it. I never got any flakiness, only some redness and good healing. The last one, late June, I got flaking under my nose. I went out in the sun used 50 facial sunscreen. I didn't think about it and washed the flakiness off in the shower. Now I have an atrophic scar 2 inches long under my nose that is affecting the way I smile. It looks horrible! You can see scar only when I smile.

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TCA Peel

This is likely the result of uneven peeling which is why TCA peels should be done by a professional.  Depending on what it looks like and what restrictions you have from this, you may need to see a facial plastic surgeon to surgically revise the area.

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I Scarred Myself Doing an at Home TCA Peel, What Can I Do?

I'm not going to tell you that self treatment can lead to self mutilation, but you are one of many who think self treating is appropriate. Now go see in person a dermatologist for care. Best of luck

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