Scarless Nostril Reduction Procedure?

Hello, has anyone more details about the "scarless" methods? "Scarless Alar Base Reduction: A New, Simple and Safe Method" by Natalie Rainger (AUS) There must be methods nowadays which are more modern than Weir incisions and less prone to scarring, isn't there?

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Cinch Suture vs External Wedge Excision for Nostril Narrowing

The internal alar cinch suture is an old technique for nostril narrowing. While it can reduce the nostril width, it is also prone to bunching the base of the nose and even affecting the smile. External alar reduction is simpler, more effective and prone to less problems. Most of the time when you use a device, in this case a suture, to achieve the result as opposed to natural tissue rearrangement its effectiveness is less and the complication rate may be higher.

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Alar Base Reduction

There is a way to perform nostril reduction using suture methods.  However, most recommend removal of the tissue to ensure better results as the suture can sometimes break or require revision.  Please consult with a board certified specialist who can assist you in achieving the results you seek.

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Scarless Nostril reduction

To reduce the alar base width using  a suture only technique may lead to only a minimum reduction in alar width or worse the sutures may cut through the deep tissue resulting in a recurrence of the problem. For more accuracy, I would always suggest excision of some tissue.

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Scarless Nostril Reduction Procedure?

             Without removing tissue, there will be less significant reduction and a more likely recurrence, but it can be appropriate in some patients.  Alar cinch sutures and other variants have been around for decades.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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