Scarless Breast Reduction to Reduce One Cup Size?

I'm interested in getting a breast reduction, but I'd like to avoid the vertical scars. I know that scarless breast reduction has less scarring. I'm 4'11, 20 years old, 100 lbs., and a size DD. Ideally, I'd like to get down to a B/C, but I'd be fine with a C/D too. My breasts do tend to get smaller when I lose weight, but they were still Ds when I weighed 90 lbs. It wouldn't be healthy for me to lose more weight! I have a lot of shoulder and back pain. Is scarless breast reduction a good option?

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Scarless Breast Reduction - Does It Work?

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Wow, what a great question.  I'm assuming by scarless breast reduction, you are referring to liposuction of the breast, i.e. a suction breast reduction.  Suction breast reduction is a great way to take breasts down one or two sizes, especially in someone where the nipples are correctly positioned and the breasts haven't fallen from weight and time.  


On one hand, you are the perfect person because you are young, and therefore your breasts haven't been on this earth all that long.  Two, I am going to make the assumption that your nipples are correctly positioned and, therefore, this would be a great operation if certain other variables are also on your side. 


Suction breast reduction works best on fatty tissue; however, I am a firm believe that you can also suck out some of the gland as described by Dr. Gary Rosenberg of Del Rey Beach, Florida.  If your youthful breasts are all glands and ducts, this may be more difficult.  If your breasts are 50-50 or more fat, this should be relatively simple.  Find a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery with experience in suction breast reductions.  All in all, I think this is a great idea.

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