Is scaring normal after a small facial angionoma (size of pen tip) was removed by sclerotherapy?

About 5 days ago a small angionoma (size of pen tip/completely flat) was removed above my lip by sclerotherapy. I now have a larger and more visible red spot that looks like it is going to be a permanent scar. Is this a scar or as more days pass post treatment will this red area get better? If not, can you advise a treatment to make the redness go away? Post treatment this red spot is twice as big as the initial angionoma that was removed and looks way worse. Please help. Thank you.

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Sclerotherapy healing

This will fade over time and heal appropriately. Use Scar Serum and avoid sunlight. You can have the hyperpigmented area lasered to reduce pigmentary changes. 

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Should improve over several weeks.

Sclerotherapy works by the solution pushing the blood out of the veins and the walls of the vein become irritated and then stick together. The next step is for the vein to dissolve. Initially, following sclerotherapy, the veins look worse then gradually improve. This could take several weeks. I would just give it time to heal. 5 days is way to soon. If no better in 3 to 4 weeks then follow up with your treating physician. Alos several treatments may be necessary.

John Landi, MD
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