Scarring That Was Cause by Lancing a Milia by a PA/dermatologist, How Can I Them Removed?

i have scarring that was cause by lancing a milia by a PA/dermatologist, how can I them removed? now the scarring is worse than the milia itself. he told me there is not much he can do. i am a bit sad, because on is directly under my eyelid and it bothers me alot.

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Acne Scars

I would suggest using laser treatment such as the CO2 laser to treat the scar you descirbe. The collagen can help fill in the pitted scar left by the trauma and will be a permanent change. You may need 3 or so treatments but it would help target the indivitual area you describe and if safe to do in the area when wearing eyeshields provided by your pracitioner.  

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