Worried About Negative Reviews of Fraxel

I am shocked of so many negative review on Fraxel, Pixel, Active FX and others...Is co2 the only real deal? I dont want to look like a lizard or worse from fraxel and as for the co2 I dont want to be a burn victim for 8 months?

help... I want a brutally honest answer...

Does the fraxel patients have long term strong collegen production?

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Fraxel laser, Restore, Dual or Repair

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There are several Fraxel brand lasers. Other fractional lasers exist. What wavelength was used in those patients that have mentioned problems?  What brand was used for their treatment, the Fraxel brand or another type? Was the physician who treated them experienced?  For what condition were they treated? How was their skin managed post-operatively?  These are all important issues.  The right laser, the right patient and the right physician are all equally important parts to the equation of providing a safe and excellent outcome for improvement in laser skin resurfacing.

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