I have gotten four of my premolars extracted, due to overcrowding of teeth in my mouth. Will my braces fix my smile? (photos)

I have gotten my braces installed prior to my tooth extraction, the doctor informed me that I need 4 of my premolars removed (2 on the top and 2 at the bottom on both sides) in order to fix the overcrowding of teeth online. There are gaps in my teeth now where the premolars were after their extraction. Will my braces align my teeth and fill the gaps in my smile?

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Will the braces fill the gaps where teeth were extracted.

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I would have advised against extraction because it decrease your airway, creates a narrow smile and decrease support to soft tissues of the face.  The braces will pull your front teeth back to some degree.  

Crowded teeth and bite issue are often corrected by extracting teeth and rearranging the teeth in the bony arch.  The problem is that this is a dental answer to an orthopedic problem.

A better solution is to orthopedically grow your maxilla to make room for all your teeth.  In my opinion Epigenetic Orthopedics/ orthodontics is the current best solution for correcting an underdeveloped maxilla. 

Growing the maxilla creates a full wide health smile and improves physiology and airway. This also helps avoid problems like dark buccal corridors and deep nasal labial creases.

An alternative is to utilize the SARPE procedure or a surgically assisted Rapid Palatal Expansion.  This requires surgery but can be accomplished much faster.  

Ideally, the best approach is to widen the maxilla as early as possible preferably before 8 years old.  Early treatment can improve metabolism, decrease metabolic issue , increase intelligence and help prevent ADD and ADHD.

The video is a patient who is early into treatment with her DNA Appiance.


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