Doctor Scarred Around My Nipple When I Asked Not to, Now Wants To Charge Me To Remove the Scar?

I had breast aug about 2 years ago, The doctor asked me if I wanted a lift and I said no because I didnt want any scarring. He also asked me if he could move my nipple and I also said no because I did not want any scars. During surgery the plastic surgeon moved my nipple, when i woke up and removed the dressings there was a huge scar that encompassed my whole areola. The scar to this day still exists and it is very embarassing. The doctor wants to charge me 500.00 to remove the scar.

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Scars are permanent, they sometiems can be revised to make them smaller. If the color is off, tattooing may help.

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Breast augmentation scarring

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The nipple is not moved in a breast augmentation.  If you had surgery via a circumareolar incision, then there would be a scar in this area.  There is always a scar when the skin is breached and no such thing as scarless surgery. Without a photo, it is impossible to comment on whether the result is within the range of acceptable.  If you had a signed contract, consult it because the amount being charged appears to be for the cost of supplies and the use of the OR rather than a fee for the surgical time.  Additionally, two years post-op is a bit late if this is your initial complaint.

Scars are permanent

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Please understand that scars are permanent.  The best your surgeon could do is improve the appearance if they are currently problematic.  You should be clear of his intentions.  I will add that I personally do not charge patients in your situation to revise their scars.

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Scar Revision Surgery

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Thank you for your question.

A scar can be "revised" in an effort to improve the appearance - it cannot be "removed" completely.  Speak with your surgeon to make sure you understand the procedure that will be performed.

In regards to cost, it looks like the $500 would be to cover the cost of supplies, etc. not really to cover the surgeon's time. Each office differs with how they charge for revisionary surgery and even though at times the surgeon will waive his/her fees, there are other expenses involved with going back to surgery.

Best wishes.

You can't "remove" a scar

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All scars are premanent and since you didn't understand that plan the first time, make sure you don't misunderstand again!  The removal of a scar is only done to "revise" it and hopefully make it look better - ti is not a permanent removal as there is no such thing!

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