Scar On Toddler Cheek. 1 Year Post Scarring, What To Do? (photo)

Hello, When my daughter was 18 months old another toddler dug her fingernail very deep into my daughters cheek. We used silicone, sunscreen etc for many many months following and still keep sunscreen on it. My daughter is now 3 and she has a small crescent shaped atrophic scar from the wound. Do we look at treating this now, or laser when she is older or? Many thanks!

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Scar On Toddler Cheek

Sorry for your daughter's trauma. You should wait her mid to late teens before you consider addressing this with either a surgical or nonsurgical procedure.

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Scar On Toddler Cheek. 1 Year Post Scarring, What To Do?

Thanks for the posted photo. Yes WAIT until she is in her teens to consider ant non invasive or invasive treatments. I bet she will not even notice it by then. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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