Scar Tissue From Lip Implant 10 Years Ago?

I Had a lip implant 10 years ago..They only got it in my upper lip..Short if story I looked like Mrs Simpson..They removed it and today I am left with scar tissue in my upper lip..I seem to hold it funny...Any suggestions on what to do?

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Lip Implant Removal

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Follow up with your Plastic Surgeon until you heal for the procedure.  He may want to use some kenalog injections to help soften the scar tissue.  Without an exam, it is hard to say.  Best wishes!

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Lip Implant removal

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What type of implant did you have removed and how much surgery was required to remove it. During the healing period about 2-4 weeks, monthly injections of Steroid probably would be beneficial for any residual lumpiness. 


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Lip Implant and post operative scarring

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If your lip implant removal surgery was just performed today, it is still very early in the post operative period.  As the swelling subsides, the problem you are experiencing may well resolve.  Give it time and check with your surgeon for their advice on how to help speed the process.  Best wishes.

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