Scar Tissue Years After Rhinoplasty

My family member had a rhinoplasty 6 years ago and it seems that the bridge of their nose has developed scar tissue of the years since. Is that possible or is it just swelling, because I know hot weather does that to their nose at times. Will a revision help fix this?

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Scar tissue years after rhinoplasty

It is very difficult to remove and fix scar tissue in the nose. Going in and performing another rhinoplasty just to remove scar tissue will add another layer of scar tissue and not help the problem. The easiest, simplest, and most conservative approach would be to apply some cortisone shots into that area to help melt the scar tissue away.

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Treatment of Post-Op Scarring

After 6 years, the fullness of the bridge of your nose, whether it be scar or residual bone, will not  improve. Hot weather has nothing to do with this. Consult with the original physician or a revision rhinoplasty surgeon.

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Scar tissue 6 years after rhinoplasty.

The nasal tissue is healed at 1 year with thick skin taking 1 1/2 years. At 6 years you should see an experienced revision rhinoplasty surgeon for the correction.

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Nasal Deformity Years After Rhinoplasty


Successful rhinoplasty is dependent upon leaving a stable, smooth boney and cartilaginous underlying skeletal support.  Initially a nose may look spectacular, but as swelling and scar tissue resolve over the years, there can be a "shrink wrap" effect as the skin contracts around the underlying bone and cartilage.  In your family members case, it seems that there is a boney deformity at the bridge that has become evident.  There is also the possibility that there is a skin or mucous membrane retention cyst.  Consultation with an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon is a good idea at this point.

A revision rhinoplasty to address the deformity will help.

Good luck and be well.

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Rhinoplasty Results should be "final" by a year after the surgery

By a year after nose surgery, when the swelling has completely subsided, "what you see is what you get". I am not quite sure what "scar tissue" you are referring to on the bridge but whatever it is has nothing to do with the hot weather outside. You should be examined by another Plastic surgeon who could best advise you on your options.

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