Scar Tissue in Inner Right Upper Lip Causing Lopsided Smile

What can I do?

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Laser and injections can help scars

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Depending on the size and depth of your scar, there may be several non-surgical ways to improve it. One is with use of injections of either kenalog or kenalog with 5 fluorouracil. Also these injections can be used in combination with laser treatments such as the pulsed dye laser or fractional laser (fractional erbium or CO2).

Scar tissue in the upper lip

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Obviously you need a good physical exam and a proper history. What is the etiology of your problem. Sometimes it could be as simple as doing a small excision of the tissue.

Scar tissue in inner right upper lip causing lopsided smile

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What can you do? Post a photo at rest and smiling so we can determine the extent of the issue. Otherwise go see 3 boarded PS in your area.

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