Scar Tissue Surgical Removal. Can Additional Tightening Be Done At The Same Time?

8 months after mini tummy tuck my dr. says i need to surgically remove scar tissue. I have a great deal of swelling above my incision line. The Dr. says once it is removed my stomach will be flat because the dam that was the scar tissue is removed. I want to know how much scar tissue is removed? and can additional tightening of the stomach be done at the same time. Also should lipo suction be done at the same time to assure the pooling of fluid/fat goes down.

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Persistent swelling and scar tissue.

Scar tissue can prevent lymphatic drainage in certain situations, but removal of scar tissue will simply be replaced by new scar tissue. Often times, persistent "swelling" is nothing more than fatty tissue or a bulge from the underlying abdomen. For some women, a full abdominoplasty is necessary. Unfortunately, a full examination is required to give you any more specific information.

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