Scar Tissue or Sunken Eye? (photo)

Hello, I have a very asymmetrical face and about a year ago I was hit in the right eye/eyelid with a bar by accident. The newly formed asymmetry and fat around the eyelid is quite upsetting as my eyes were one of the only symmetrical features of my face. Anyways, what type of procedure would be necessary to get some of that symmetry back? All information and advice is appreciated, thank you.

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Thank you for your picture, it’s hard to see the asymmetry that you are referring too. In life general everyone has asymmetry in one form or another that is very normal. If you do have it, it’s not noticeable at all.


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Sunken eyes

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I have taken care of just this sort of thing a number of times.  First thing to do is get a CT of the orbits, and go from there.  Then see an experienced Facial plastic or Oculoplastic surgeon and see what there thoughts are.  Not to discourage you but based on the photo (which never counts as much as an exam and a CT in this case) there may not be enough asymmetry to warrant surgery.


Hope that helps


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Scar Tissue or Sunken Eye? (photo)

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If your asymmetry occurred after the trauma, then perhaps you have an orbital fracure.  Did you ever have a CT scan after the trauma?  If not you may want to be evaluated for an orbital fracture.

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