Will The Stretching of Scar Tissue Cause Distortion of The Nose's Final Shape?

2 questions : will stretching of the scar tissue or any other kinds of tissue on places like the nostril wing and nasal tip cause distortion? also, how is it that scar tissue maturation can exert enough force to distort the nose's final shape? thanks.

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Scars of the nose

Scars in the nose are very complex. It appears that you just had a surgical procedure; I assume it is a nose job. I am not clear as to what your concerns are. Generally, an accidential streching of the nostril wing if gentle enough won't be a problem but with enough streech you could undo the suturing at that point of the surgery. The same for the tip.

The second part of your questions is a bit easier.Scar tissue "matures" when cells that come to bring collegen and elastic fibers undergo physical changes. The healing materials contract (get smaller and tighter) This change is a relatively powerful force. This can distort the nose in many differfent directions. As well the cartilage in the nose heals in its own way which can significantly change the appearance of the nose.

You will want to make an appointment to speak with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to get further information. I hope this information has been useful to you.
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