Is Scar Tissue Often a Problem Post Septorhinoplasty?

I have been on this website researching, and many doctors have said that swelling tends to pool up in the bottom/base of the nose, i assume this is the infratip/columella region. then some other posts have said the supratip area is the place that tends to build up the most scar tissue. why is this? my understanding is that prolonged swelling directly leads to scar tissue formation, so shouldn't the infratip/columella region be the most likely place for scar tissue? + what does scar tissue feel like?

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Swelling after rhinoplasty

  Most residual swelling after a rhinoplasty will occur in the supra-tip area of the nose. Cortisone shots in the supra-tip area  of the nose within first few months after the  rhinoplasty will help prevent fluid retention and scar tissue formation.  The swelling subsides in the columella fairly rapidly.

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