What Do I Do with Scar Tissue Left After Overcorrected Eyelid Surgery?

I had upper eyelid surgery 2 months ago that was over aggressive. There was a breakdown of trust with my surgeon who says he can do nothing to help me. I live in a small country where there is no oculoplastic surgeon so I made arrangements to travel in around 2 months to see one in another country. In the meantime, I have noticed some scar tissue in the inner corner of one eye that pulls & bothering me a lot when I blink. Do I arrange to travel sooner even though I still have a little swelling?

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Scar tissue after eyelid surgery

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Wait!  I think you are planning to do the right thing by seeing an oculoplastic surgeon.  I cannot think there will be any harm in waiting.  Meanwhile, try massaging some topical hydrocortisone into the scar twice daily.

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