Scar Tissue Inside the Nose After Open Rhinoplasty

I had a very unfortunate open rhinoplasty about 2 months ago. I went in for a minor (closed) tip revision and ended up with an open rhinoplasty and septoplasty. I am very fearful that I am growing scar tissue that is effecting the outcome. Please look at the tissue inside my nose. Is this scar tissue? Will it go down? My tip is rock hard!

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Scar tissue

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Open rhinoplasties tend to have more edema and swelling for a longer period then closed ones. If your procedure started closed but then had to be converted because of difficult anatomy you likely have extra swelling. Having said that there is no reason to think that you will have any excess scar formation then normal. Nothing in your photo suggests  additional excess scar tissue. It is normal for the tip to still be hard and firm.

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A firm hard tip after open rhinoplasty

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The firmness and stiffness in the tip is very typical after open rhinoplasty, and will take several months to soften and feel normal again. It will soften any you needn't worry about excess scar tissue building up in your nose. The fact that you went for a closed tip revision and ended up with an open tip and septal surgery suggests that you should be clear and careful in your discussions with you surgeon, and be certain you understand what the plan is.

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