Scar Tissue: Limit to Number of Fractional Co2 Treatments?

I have had five deep fx treatments for hypopigmented burn scars. The main improvement has been a reduction in redness in some scars, a change from grey to white in others and small patches of skin which have crept back into small patches of the scar tissue. I'm ok with the results and am seeing tiny improvements each time. Is there a limit to the number of treatments, or should I keep them going. Note: surgeons said excisions wouldn't be good in this case.

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Amount of of treatments for scars with Fractional CO2.

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Dear Patient,

As long as you are continuing to see gradual improvement of your scar with Fractional CO2 laser therapy, you can continue to do the treatments every couple of months. Scars a difficult to treat, and the response is usually slow. At some point, if you notice that your therapy hits a plateau, where there is minimal improvement after latest treatment, then its time to hold the therapy and consider that you reached the limit. For most patients that occurs after about 5-8 treatments.

Good luck. 

Davie Dermatologist

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