Scar Tissue Left After Removing Breast Implants??

I had silicone breast implants and developed a capsular contracture on one breast. I got them removed 1 month ago and now I have developed a scar tissue on the same breast(without implants) . Right after removing my implants my breasts looked perfect, but after 3 weeks I've noticed that my left breast is bigger and firmer then the right one. Now it looks like I still have a hard implant on one breast. Im not sure if my doctor removed my scar tissue or not during the explantation of my implants.

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Breast implant explantation

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It is not unusual to collect fluid with in the capsule if the capsule was not removed. That could be why the left breast is larger.

See your plastic surgeon and have a sonogram of the breast.

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Scat tissue of breast

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This is a tough question to really address without evaluating you are knowing what exactly was done in the operating room. You should really address this withyour surgeon.

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Breast asymmetry after removal of Breast Implants

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Thank you for the question.

Unfortunately, is not possible to give you good advice  without direct examination.  Your best bet is to follow up with your plastic surgeon in the very near future.  He/she may able to  determine ( based on your physical examination)  if you're dealing with  a fluid collection (likely) or continued scar tissue build up (unlikely). You can ask him/her if the scar tissue was removed during the explantation procedure.

Best wishes.

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