Is Scar Tissue from a Current an Impediment to More Surgery in the Same Area?

I want to thank all the surgeons who answered my first question and brought up some issues for me to think about which hadn't occurred to me before. My concern is having surgery for implants when I've just had breast augmentation. The surgeon has to open the scars I now have in order to give me the implants...will the scars be huge and 'ropy' and take a long time to heal? Or will the surgeon make his incisions near - but not in - the current scar tissue. Thank you.

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Scar tissue from a prior procedure a problem

It should be OK to use the scars again.  Only a small section  of the previous scar needs to be open.  The only concern is what type of reconstruction you had previously.  

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Improving a scar after a revision

There are many things that you can do to be proactive and manage your scar after a revision.  I usually have my patients keep the scar taped with paper tape for 3 weeks then between 3 weeks and 3 months I like a product that uses silicone such as SkinMedica Scar Recovery gel.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Is Scar Tissue from a Current an Impediment to More Surgery in the Same Area?

Chances are only a small portion of the original scar will be reopened, and then the implants will be placed in a  plane deeper than where your previous operations have been. I would not anticipate any particular issues based on the info I could gather from your postings, but best advice by far will come from your surgeon in an in person setting. 

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Reentry through an old incision for breast augmentation is no problem.

Any wound will need to go through the remodeling process, fresh or secondary. Once this is complete there really should be no difference in appearance.

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Is Scar Tissue from a Current an Impediment to More Surgery in the Same Area?

Dear Emmetsgrandma,

Thank you for your post.  A good surgeon will excise the scar (cut it out completely) so you start fresh again. The scar should not look any worse (and hopefully better) than your current scar.

Best Wishes,

Pablo Prichard, MD

Scar tissue from a prior procedure a problem

Sorry, but can not answer this one without knowing more. Not sure why you were done in two stages, but usually the implant should be able to be put in now, through part of the old incision. Hopefully now, the breast and the areola complex are in the proper position before placing the implant. 

Rick Rosen, MD
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