Scar Tissue Forming After Rhytidectomy? (photo)

On 9/5 I had a rhytidectomy. I do not have an incision under my chin, they are in front and behind my ears, and in my scalp. The doc said he did create a "sling". He said he did some lipo suction in my neck and face via those incisions. I have developed some scar tissue under my neck. Today he injected me for the 2nd time with dilute steroid & chemo. I also had some ultra sound. Will this lumpiness and swelling go away? I am worried because my profile looks the same as it did pre surgery.Thanks

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3 Months after Neck Lift - Scar Tissue

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   At 3 months, the scar is still hard and will only soften with time.  Massage and steroid injection may help with this.

Scar tissue after facelift

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Thank you for your question and for the photos. Excessive scar tissue can form after a face or neck lift. This can occur regardless of the technique used, including liposuction. While there are many treatments, the best is time.

Over time, the scar tissue will remodel and soften. The massage will speed this process. After several months, you can re-evaluate your neck and see if you are happy with the contour and the condition of the scar. Your plastic surgeon will guide you through this and help you along the way.

Hang in there.

Jeff Rockmore

Swelling and Lumpiness following a neck lift and rhytidectomy usually goes away

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I think your surgeon is treating you appropriately. Deep massage, ultrasound, and even the injections you are receiving may hasten your recovery time. Residual firmness and lumpiness can linger for several months. Skin suppleness also takes a while to return as does scar maturation. I tell my patients it takes up to a year for final resolution of the healing process.

Lumpiness after facelift.

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Lumpiness after facelift can occur infrequently. It will go away with time depending on how it was done and without feeling it it is hard to say.

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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