How to Fix Scar Tissue on Eyelid Surgery Incision?

I had revision Eyelid surgery six months ago. One eyelid healed well; the other "pouches" over the incision line when closed and is noticeably larger when open. Scar tissue has also formed near the inner corner.

Does this sound like something that will resolve with time, and should I ask my PS for a small steroid shot to reduce the scar tissue? If so, when?

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Be careful what you wish for.

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Dear Siouxie

It sounds like you need more eyelid revision not a steroid shot. If you ask, your doctor may try injecting you, but that is not the fix.

If the skin is hanging down and your scar is prominent, then a revisional blepharoplasty is the answer. Considering this would be your third eyelid fix, you might consider seeing a true eyelid specialist.

Dr. Michael Patipa in West Palm Beach is an eyelid plastic surgeon who specialized in fixing unsatisfactory eyelid surgery. If he is not conveniently located for you, consider looking on the ASOPRS website. This site maintains a directory of fellowship trained eye plastic surgeons by location.

Dr. Steinsapir

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Post-op changes after blepharoplasty

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Swelling of some of the tissue is fairly common and this can last a very long time. Sometimes up to a year. Give it more time.

Revision Eyelid Surgery

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Can you post a picture? (I know anonymity may be compromised, but a picture is worth a thousand words...

The fullness can either be retained/unresected orbicularis oculi muscle inferior to the incision, redundant skin and/or thick scar. The first two issues need revisional surgery, and the third MAY need additional surgery. I am very cautious to inject steroid around the eye. I actually rarely inject steroid at all, as I feel the complications (thinning of skin and soft tissue causing scars to collapse and cavitate, developement of hypervascularity or teleangiectasias (blood vessels) and finally, failure of treaments) are too risky and difficult to fix.

Remember scars fully mature at 365 days...aggressive massage therapy can help smooth out scars.

Have your surgeon re-evaluate you and if you need a second opinion, find a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who performs a significant number of oculoplastic surgery to help you out.

Good luck!

Dr. C

John Philip Connors III, MD, FACS
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

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