Scar Tissue from Breast Implants

I have Breast Implants and my right breast is very sore and and a rash is forming below my breast I have gel implants and should I ignore this and is it normal? They were done 5 years ago. I was told it could be scar tissue. What should I do? I had them done in Tijuana and have no money for any medical expenses. Please help.

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Try your local medical school residency program

Some residency programs can see you at a much reduced fee since the doctors are in training but usually well-supervised. Your situation is a caveat to others having surgery out of the country. One problem is adequate follow-up since you would need to return to Tijuana to find your original doctor. Another is that all bets are off regarding the qualilty level of materials used in foreign clinics both in sterility and purity. The final caveat is that cosmetic surgery, especially breast augmentation, should be affordable, including the maintenance and any potential complications or revisional surgery. Patients need to know that while breast implants can add wonderful quality to a woman's life and self-esteem, it has a definitive re-operation and complication rate that may have to be addressed financially at some point in time . Unfortunately, no one can reliably treat you via a website no matter how well-intended. You need to see a doctor in person. If it is a simple low-grade cellulitis or early infection, sometimes warm compresses can stem the infection but the best advice is to see a plastic surgeon.

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Foreign Silicone Gel Implants and New Rash

Medical Tourism, having cosmetic surgery abroad may intially seem cost effective, I've regrettably seen quite a few complications, which ended up costing more. The new rash could represent something as simple as acne eruption. However it could be an indication of something much more sinister like a mycobacterium infection. I would call UC San Diego's Plastic Surgery Division to enquire whether they still have a Resident's Clinic, where you can receive care, supervised by a Board Certified faculty Plastic Surgeon, at a discount. Good luck.

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