Scar Tissue & Asymmetric Nostrils 8 Weeks Post-Rhinoplasty

After Septo-rhinoplasty & turbinate reduction,my nostrils are v asymmetrical. They were slightly pre-op but wasn't too noticeable. Now the left side is puffed out and very hard from mid nose down to nostril rim. Could this be scar tissue distorting the shape? Has remained the same from post op until now do you think it will resolve to an acceptable assymetry? If not is revision my only option? Think I need alar reduction too as very wide from front, have thick skin and had lots of deprojection.

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Nostril Asymmetry 2 Months after Rhinoplasty

It is difficult to evaluate asymmetry 2 months after rhinoplasty, especially in a thicker skinned individual because of normal post-op swelling. Wait another 6-9 months for this swelling to resolve. The "hardness" you feeel is probably secondary to that swelling.

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Thick skin rhinoplasty

While there is definitely some asymmetry, 8 weeks post-op in a thick-skinned patient is still too soon to know how noticeable this will be once it's healed. Thick-skin rhinoplasties really require a lot of time to heal and take on their final contour. This will likely require a year of watchful waiting and possibly longer before a revision would be contemplated.

Also, an alar base reduction in a patient with a nose like yours would be a bad idea. It would likely make the tip look even wider proportionally and might well change the nostril shape into an even less ideal one.

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David C. Pearson, MD
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Asymmetry after septo-rhinoplasty

Your nose still looks considerably swollen from surgery.  The description of hardness certainly can be from scarring, and I would recommend that you see your surgeon so it can be examined.  You can massage the area, this may help but may not be enough to create optimum symmetry.  As the swelling improves, you may notice some improvement, but you may still need a revision.  It is hard to say this early on after surgery.  Time will answer this better!  Good luck!

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Nostril asymmetry

You are still early post-op and you have to give it some time to heal and for the swelling to go down.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Nasal Swelling and Asymmetry after Rhinoplasty

Hi London5337 in London, SV,

The nose is typically still swollen 2 months after rhinoplasty. Nasal swelling may also contribute to asymmetric appearance or "firm" skin texture. It's still too early to determine final results.

Most nasal swelling resolves within one month after rhinoplasty, while the final swelling takes at least one year to settle down. The nose will continue to change slowly with time, and plastic surgery does not stop the natural aging process. Swelling after revision surgery may last a little longer than initial nasal surgery. Open rhinoplasty will have more swelling than similar closed rhinoplasty. Lastly, thicker skin tends to hold swelling longer as compared to thin skin.

Only after a comprehensive evaluation can a plastic surgeon help determine appropriate options for you. Speak with your rhinoplasty surgeon regarding any concerns. Best of luck.

Dr. Chaboki

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Residual swelling and deformity early after rhinoplasty

Eight weeks is too early to be sure how things will ultimately look.  Waiting at least 6 months or maybe even more before making a final assessment is appropriate.  At that time a revision can be entertained.

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Scar Tissue & Asymmetric Nostrils 8 Weeks Post-Rhinoplasty

Wait for 6 months than consider a revision of the supratip and lower lateral alar cartliages. From MIAMI Dr. Darryl J. Blinski

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Rhinoplasty - asymmetric nostrils

I couldn't tell which picture was the most recent since they all look different.  2 months out, you have a little swelling, but if your left nostril is what it looks like in the right had most picture, the asymmetry probably won't change much over the next few months.  I would go back to your rhinoplasty surgeon and ask him/her for recommendations.  I'm sure he/she would be happy to address any concerns you may have.

Dr. Cat Begovic M.D.

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