Can Scar Tissue and Loose Skin After FTT Be Removed? (photo)

Hi, had a FTT 2 wks ago. Great surgeon Due to scar tissue after previous lipo skin above bb could not be pulled down as tight as needed. Now have loose wrinkly skin above bb and a hard lump I had planned for lipo for fatty areas in the upper abdomen and flanks later this year but now due to the scarring, what can I expect? What should I ask my surgeon? Can hard scarred tissue be removed with lipo? is their anything I can do to soften it before the lipo? excuse the a/septic cream on bb.

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Scar Tissue after Previous Liposuction and Early Tummy Tuck Results

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      Wrinkling and rippling after liposuction can be a real challenge to improve.  Given your recent tummy tuck, you should give yourself time to heal.  This contour may improve.  Fat grafting and liposuction may be useful adjuncts in the future to improve this area.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Hard Scarring After Tummy Tuck

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The hard areas that you feel two weeks after tummy tuck are likely areas of inflamed fat.  At two weeks, many patients have these areas and I would not be overly concerned about them as they often soften with time.  Lymphatic massage can help speed this process.  Assuming it does soften than liposuction in the future should not be an issue.

Additional Surgery Necessary after Tummy Tuck (and previous liposuction)?

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Thank you for the question and picture.  Although I understand your past surgical history and your concerns, it is difficult to give you precise advice given that you are only 2 weeks out of your full tummy tuck procedure. It is possible, that some of the skin contour irregularity that you see, will smoothen  out with time. Therefore, at this point, I would suggest that you allow for additional time before evaluating your abdominal wall and whether additional treatment of any kind will be helpful.

 I would suggest that you revisit your concerns (if necessary) approximately 6 months to one year after this procedure was performed.

 Best wishes.

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