Possible Scar Tissue After Glycolic Peel? (photo)

I had a glycolic peel done about 4 years ago and after the treatment the skin around my nose and upper lip were VERY raw.My esthetician told me to apply sunblock to my entire face and I followed her instructions and never even left the house without SPF45 Solrx sunblock slathered on my entire face.The area has a slight difference in color and looks more red after I take a shower or wash my face and then it calms down after my skin is dry. Is this area scarred?Would Meladerm fix this?

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Glycolic acid peel complications

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Glycolic acid peel done at a dermatologist office should be quite routine and safe. Possible complication could include secondary bacterial or viral infection. Potentially irritating topical creams should be discontinued 3-5 days prior to chemical peel unless otherwise specified by your dermatologist. Price should never be the only determining factor in your selection of elective cosmetic procedure; the critical questions are is the procedure performed under supervision of a qualified board-certified core aesthetic physician and does the clinic have the expertise and commitment to take care of you when unexpected happens.

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