Scar Tissue in Abdomen After Tummy Tuck and Lipo

I had abdominal liposuction in 1996 which healed with dimpled skin. In 2008 I had abdominoplasty; the surgeon saw a lot of scar tissue from the lipo. I formed 3 large seromas; the doctor removed them 5 months post op. Now,a year later, I am full of rubbery scar tissue. What do I do now?

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Scar tissue in abdomen after tummy tuck and lipo

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What do you do now? POST PHOTOS so we can understand the issue better. Otherwise seek 3 expert opinions from boarded Plastic Surgeons ion your area.

From MIAMI Dr. B

Abdominal Scar Tissue

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Your problem is not uncommon.  Scar tissue involving the subcutaneous tissues can be very difficult to eradicate.  External manipulation of the soft tissue of the abdominal wall may help to break up the scar tissue.  This can be done by massage techniques or external devices designed to break up scar tissue.  I would discuss your options with your plastic surgeon. 

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