What Kind of Scar to Expect After Thigh Lift?

I am going to get a Thigh lift on 07-23-09 and the surgeon was explaining to me how he had to do the crease at the top and then a crease from the groin to above the knee.

I would like to know what would the scar look like and what have been your experience doing this type of procedure. I have been trying to look for pictures online to see what the scar looks like and have not been able to find one.


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Scarring From Thigh Lifts

It's safe to say that it's impossible to perform a medial thigh lift without scarring. This operation trades stretch marks and loose skin for a scar that's, hopefully, well positioned. The patient's particular anatomy will have a profound impact on scar placement. In the vast majority of patients, the scar is positioned along the groin crease and then extended along the inner thigh toward the knee.

Even when extreme care is taken, wound healing problems may still occur. It's important to realize that wound healing is a dynamic process which varies from patient to patient. For these reasons, scars may take over a year to reach maturity. When scars are less than optimal, scar revision may be necessary and this usually results in a satisfied patient. With normal wound healing and a well-placed incision, most patients are ultimately happy with this procedure.

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Scars after thigh lift surgery

There are a variety of different ways to perform a thigh lift surgery. The appropriate technique depends on the degree of skin laxity and also the degree of fatty excess. The length and position of the scar can vary greatly depending on how much loose skin there is in the thighs and if this isolated to the upper third of the thigh or involves the lower two thirds of the thigh. There may be a horizontal component of the scar that is in or close to the groin crease and can be both in front and under the buttock crease. There can also be a vertical component of the scar the extends down the inner thigh. These can also be used in alone or in combination. In some cases, liposuction of the thigh can greatly complement the result, especially when there is fatty excess combined with skin excess.

Scar healing and quality depend not only on what was technically done during surgery but, more importantly, on genetics. In general, thigh lift scars heal well. In some cases, the horizontal scar in the groin crease can migrate down out of the groin crease. Additionally, scars can widen a little during recovery.

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Medial Thigh Lift Scar Placement Decision Making

Medial Thigh Lift Scar Placement Decision Making
Without photos or an exam I cannot answer your specific questions. However I can give you some general advice on this matter.
Different Plastic Surgeons with great experience and results often argue the answer to your question. The most important choice is finding the best surgeon (see below link).                        My choice as to whether a vertical scar is needed is on the basis of my exam and where the most excess skin is located. For example if a roll  of skin high up  on the inside of the thigh then a groin scar incision is  preferred, where as if there is circumferential excess from the knee to the groin then a vertical incision is best in my hands.s

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Scars following Thigh Lift procedure

Thigh lift scars can be significant. The scar in the bikini area can change and perhaps be visible. The vertical scar is long and wide and of course is visible. The surgeon performing the lift should show you photos of pre and post thight lift procedure and what the scars may look like.

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Thigh Lift Scars

I always warn my patients that thigh lift scars can be worse than many other areas.  Even with a scar confined to the groin area, there is frequently downward migration of this scar.  Most post-weight loss patients are willing to trade this scar for sinificant contour improvement, however.

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Scars from Thigh Lift

There are a number of options for thigh lift surgery. Should discusss these with your plastic surgeon. If you are not comfortable with the answers should should get a second opinion. However, the current surgeon you have should be able to answer your questions and show you photographs of his/her own patients with the results. This is a serious procedure and you owe to yourself to make sure you are comfortable with the surgeon.

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