Will a Scar Stretch to Form to the Breast or Stay the Same?

Thank you for your answers to my original question, and yes I know no 2 people's anatomy is alike. My body frame will take up to a 600cc and my dr is planning on using a 650 cc memory gel, smooth surface. Even know I have a very noticalbe difference in my breasts. One of my biggest concerns is the size difference and the scar on the front of my rt breast that is straight across and has no curve to match my breast. Will scar ever give enough to round out to the breast?

Additional photos added since original posting.

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Scars and implants

It is difficult to tell from your photo, but a scar can impact the stretch of the skin especially after masterctomy. Sometimes, the scar needs a z-plasty to lengthen it so that skin is more pliable.

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The curvature of a scar is unlikely to change.

A mastectomy scar does not typically change in shape unless the skin in which it is located changes in shape. In other words, do not expect a transverse scar to become a curve because of an implant. Think of a sheet with a straight line drawn on it. Now place a ball under that sheet. The sheet will conform to the ball, but the straight line remains straight.

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Will a scar stretch

Generally speaking, a straight scar remains straight.  It will stretch to accomodate the implant but the shape and direction of the scar will not change.  As far as the size difference, speak to your surgeon about using 2 different sized implants, a larger one on the left,  and a slightly smaller one on the right.  Good luck

Beverly Friedlander, MD
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