Scar revision for my stomach? (photo)

Do you know if I can get car revision? I have a horrible scar on my tummy and I'm worrie it won't stretch if I ever have a child one day? Will I be ok in child rearing?

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Scar revision for my stomach?

Yes an aggressive scar flap revision is indicated to help align the tissues in the correct planes. seek IN PERSON opinions..

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Scar revision for my stomach

Your Scar is 'stuck' to the deeper structures and hence it looks the way it is. Above and below the scar the normal skin and the natural contour of your abdomen, enhance the appearance of the scar.

Without knowing what surgery you had, it is difficult to comment on whether your scar will affect your pregnancy and child birth. You should consult with a Plastic Surgeon who may then get an Ultrasound Scan to check on depth and thickness of the scar.

Scar revision can improve the appearance and remove the deep attachment of the scar.

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Scar Revision for your stomach.


You do have a dramatic scar on your abdomen but you did not mention what surgery you had that resulted in this deformity. Speculation is difficult without an examination and medical/surgical history.

Pregnancy and risks associated with this scar are related to the nature of the surgery you had.

There is no substitute for a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon and an obstetrician to discuss and evaluate your scar and related concerns.

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