How Does Scar Revision Work? The Problem is Not the Scar but the Fat Above It.

I originally thought a mini tummy tuck would help but found out here that it wouldn't. The problem with this scar is not the scar itself, but the fat that sits between it and the belly button. I don't understand how scar revision would improve this? The most important thing for me is for the skin to lay flat, not minimizing the appearance of the scar itself.

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Abdominal Scar with Fat Above it Should be Treated with Scar Revision and Laser Liposuction

THe adhesion of the scar to the underlying muscle fascia depresses your scar. The surrounding fat elevates the skin and makes the scar look deeper.

I have had good luck with excising such a scar and then treating the surrounding fat with the 924 Laser Liposuction technique.

This lowers the level of the surrounding skin. The laser may also lessen scar adherence. See photo in the link below

How Does Scar Revision Work? The Problem is Not the Scar but the Fat Above It.

Thanks for the attempted photo. My recommendation based upon very like infomation is SmarT Lipo of the supra umbilical area. See 3 boarded surgeons in person in your area. From MIAMI DR. Darryl J. Blinski 305 598 0091

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Successfully Treating Abdominal Surgical Scars

Abdominal surgical scars, such as those following Caesarian section, can give rise to a situation such as you describe and show in your photograph, where the normal belly above appears like excess fatty tissue. The situation arises from the fact that the scar, as part of its normal healing, retracts with time (as all scars do), pulling inward. This in effect allows the normal fatty belly tissue above it to hang like a shelf over the horizontal  "belt" of scar tissue immediately below.

Improving the surface appearance of the scar and softening and breaking up of the underlying bands of fibrotic collagen with a series of medical microneedling treatments would be my first approach. If necessary, I would next raise up the treated, softened scar with a volumizing agent, such as Radiesse. Often elevating the bound down scar to the surface and improving its general color and texture in this fashion is enough to diminish the "shelf' appearance and produce a smoother abdomen.

If treatment of the fatty tissue abve the scar is still desired, a series of mesotherapy treatments to dissolve some of this fat may also prove helpful.  

Nelson Lee Novick, MD
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Scar revison and fatty tissue

It is difficult to see in the photo where the scar is?  It looks like loose skin and fatty tissue from the side view.

Steven Wallach, MD
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