Scar Revision - What is the criteria and timing to have a traumatic nose scar surgically revised?

6 weeks ago I suffered an impact injury to the nose which left a 1 cm x 0.5 cm scar. The wound was very deep but could not be stitched. Been treating the scar with massage, silicone sheeting, and silicone gel. I've seen 2 PSs for scar revision and both claim it is not required and 1 year is needed. However, I'm begging to have it revised asap; I've started to become depressed and desperate for immediate surgical revision. What is the criteria for revision? Can it not be treated sooner? Help.

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Nasal scar

Mcknuckles, unfortuneatly I agree with your surgeons. Be patient and follow their advice! Operatineg too quickly would compromise the end result in general.

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