Scar Revision Techniques?

I have two scars near my mouth and chin area which are the result of a traumatic injury when I was younger. As you can see, the smaller scar is somewhat raised, while the other is indented. For reference, the longer of the two is about half an inch in length. I am concerned that an excision may cause the scars to become worse; particularly the raised one. What are some of the conservative and/or aggressive approaches to decreasing the visibility of each scar? What is the downtime necessary?

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Scar treatment and revision

    Some of the conservative methods that can be used are dermabrasion or laser resurfacing. There are several more involved methods available for making scars less visible to a human eye by changing geometry and orientation of the scar.  There is a risk that scars can become atrophic (shallow) or hypertrophic (raised), but the chances of this could be minimized with proper technique.

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Scar revision


I would need to evaluate you to make a firm recommendation but scar revision tends to help when applied properly.


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