Best Scar Revision Technique for 7 Yr Old Scar on the Nose?

One plastic surgeon has recommended a zig-zag revision as an optical illusion. The scar runs fairly straight down her nose. Is this standard and/or best treatment? 

We use Mederma and keep all sun off. He recommends early as opposed to later surgery. I want to be sure we are doing the right thing. Thanks.

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Scar revision in a seven year old

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If it is a fairly new scar, I would wait it out for at least one year. Use topical agents like Mederma, or other siliocne based gels. Sometimes, even paper tap on the region if it is elevated.

Scar revision in children

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Scars in children can take up to two years to fully mature and yes topical mederma or other scar fade remedies work well. As far as timing of the scar is concerned, there is no right or wrong answer there. If it is clear that the scar needs to be surgically revised, then there is no benefit in waiting. However, if the scar is not depressed and not tethering a structure or involving the lip line, then my opinion would be wait at least two years for it to mature. In the interim, laser treatments are available to help a scar heal faster and better. If it is a nice straight line that is narrow, my recommendations would be to wait and let it fade out over time. I hope this information helps.

Scott Trimas, MD
Jacksonville Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Best scar revision technique for nose scar

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Do you mean a child or a scar that is 7 years old? Also, a photo would be extremely helpful. If it is a child then we need the age of the scar. If less than 1 year from injury I recommend time for full healing and maturation of the scar. IPL lasers may help. and of course scar creams are always a good idea along with sun screen (especially in sunny Texas). If the scar is older than a year maybe laser sanding or microdermabrasion could be helpful. You see I'm trying to avoid another surgery on the child until they are in their teen years.

If the scar is seven years old from injury than by all means a multiple Z plasty scar revision is the correct order.


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