Is my Scar Revision Swelling Normal?

i had a mini TT in 2009 and was un happy with how high the scar was and my dog ears. i recently had a scar revision/ dog ear revision where my PS cut out dog ears and fat... so i was told. Ive always had a odd pucker on my left side and i need to know if this swelling and inconsistency with scar size is normal. my first picture is before and after. i had it June 14th 2011.... my bf gets back august 13th 2011(7wks) please tell me this gets better. i fitness train 3X a week & start back July 5th.

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Tummy tuck scar revision

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I can see your concerns about the location of the incision and the “pucker” on the end of the incision. Although the scar line looks better now it will continue to improve with time. The puckering may also gradually improve. Hopefully, in the distant future, you may be able to have the scar lowered.

Please make sure that your surgeon is a well-trained/ experienced board-certified plastic surgeon. Best wishes.

Scar revision following mini TT

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I am a little confused too.  If the pink panties is before scar revision, the quality of the scar following your scar revision certainly seems to be quite puckered with some overhanging skin and hyperpigmentation (brown in colour).  If the pink panties is after scar revision, then the scar looks much neater, although quite high. 

In answer to your question, your scar will get better with time and when it is well healed, you should massage your scar with cream.   It takes many months for scars to settle, so you should not be making any long term decisions this soon following your surgery.

I hope this is helpful.

Scar Revision

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Thanks for posting pictures, but it is unclear which is before and which is after.  If the pink panties is the before picture and the other three are the after picture, then there is something going on that should be addressed with your surgeon.  If it is the other way around, then it looks okay in terms of swelling but the incision is very high.  If you could post some more detail about the pictures and your surgery, it would be very helpful.


Good Luck.

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TT scar revision of dog ears

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I understand your concerns. Things do improve over time so I would not rush to judgement or perform any adjunctive procedures. I would wait and see how things settle out. # weeks is early and your full result may not be evident for 6 months. The scar can be lowered at a later date if you wish to do so. The important thing is to go to someone who is board certified in plastic surgery.

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