Scar Revision Surgical Removal?

I am 8 months past a mini tummy tuck and still have hard scar tissue. My dr. has scheduled me to have the tissue removed. I have a lot of swelling right above the incision which i was told is a mixture of fat/water and once removed i was told my stomach will be flat. Does the scar tissue prevent the lymphatic system from draining out 8 months after? How much scar tissue is usually removed? and once stiched back can more skin be taken off in a scar revision?

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Scar Revision after Tummy Tuck?

Thank you for the question.

As you can imagine, every patient situation is different. How much scar tissue is removed during this procedure will depend on your specific situation. If the scar tissue is especially dense/ abnormal, I can see how it might prevent resolution of swelling even 8 months after surgery.  I would suggest that you ask these specific questions of your plastic surgeon who knows your situation best.

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