Could Scar Revision Surgery Fix my Scar? (photo)

When I was born I instantly needed surgery to keep me alive as the result of a bad gut blockage. Now being 20 years old I hate showing my belly and wearing a bikini. I also find the more weight i gain the more tissue buldges around the scar. I have done some research and found my issie to be common and called tethering. I just wanted to know if scar revision surgery could help improve to look?

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Scar revision of the abdomen Los Angeles

There are many great options to recontour your abdominal scar and recreate a more normal contour. These include surgery and liposuction. Raffy Karamanoukian Los Angeles

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Could Scar Revision Surgery Fix my Scar? (photo)

Yes a scar revision operation could even out the unevenness of the repair/scar. Best to seek IN PERSON opinions. 

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